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Roberto Ricci is an Director of Photography and cinematographer.


Originally from Italy, Roberto begin to study film in Florence and eventually came to Los Angeles to attend New York Film Academy, where he received his BFA in Filmmaking. 

After graduation, Roberto shot various feature films, documentaries, short films and a tv series in Europe, China and Brazil.


In the 2012 he shot, as cinematographer, his first feature film “The Fortune Theory” ( by Aldo Filiberto, working with actors such as John Terry (Lost, Zodiac, Full Metal Jacket) and Eddie Rouse (American Gagster, Number 23).


In 2013 he shot his second feature film “ Glitch” ( by the American director Daniel Doherty, with actors such as Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) , Maiara Walsh (Mean Girls 2, Desperate Housewives, Zombieland) and Lemorne Morris (New girl, Sex Love & Lies).


In 2014 he shot a TV series in Brazil “Coisas que Porto Alegre Fala” ( for RBS TV (Rede Globo). Directed by Marco Carvalho, the TV series got more than 1,2 million of audience for each episodes.


In 2015 he shot his latest feature film, "INFERNET", in Italy, by the director Giuseppe Ferlito, with actors such as Ricky Tognazzi, Katia Ricciarelli and Remo Girone. The movie was released in theaters nationwide in April 2016.


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